“Everything we do at nutritioncloud is to improve the nutritional care patients receive and assist dietitians and healthcare professionals enhance how it is delivered.”

Dr Peter Collins PhD APD RD

Our purpose at nutritioncloud is to create a platform that empowers patients around the world to manage their nutritional care.

We believe all patients should receive exceptional nutritional care and be supported and empowered to implement strategies provided by dietitians.

We provide interactive software that is simple to use and has been specifically designed in collaboration with patients and dietitians.

Our software has the potential to revolutionise the delivery of nutritional care around the world, assisting busy clinicians and empowering patients and their support network.

We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with nutrition cloud users to continue to innovate and support their needs in a changing healthcare system.

Meet the team

Michael Griffin 

With 20 years’ experience leading cross-functional teams in the data, technology and health industries, Michael has a proven history of developing software products and services for healthcare professionals. He is passionate about motivating and empowering people to improve their day-to-day health outcomes, keeping them out of the traditional healthcare treatment system and living better lives. Michael has an MBA from the University of Queensland, a Bachelor of IT from Queensland University of Technology and is a certified Agile Scrum Master and Product Owner. A data nerd, healthtech fanatic and fitness enthusiast, Michael is an advocate of “building the right things” from the product perspective, “building the things right” from the delivery perspective and uses a servant leader approach to guide teams through the uncertainty and ambiguity that accompanies the development of new products.

Dr Peter Collins 
Co-founder and Clinical lead

Peter is a UK trained registered dietitian (RD) and Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) in Australia. He completed his PhD in the nutritional management of malnutrition in respiratory disease in the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Southampton. Dr Collins is currently a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), a member of the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) and is a Visiting Research Dietitian at The Princess Alexandra Hospital and Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane. Peter has researched the effects of malnutrition and its management for over a decade and he is passionate about the impact dietitians and nutritional care have on patient’s lives and healthcare systems. He believes all patients should have timely access to exceptional nutritional care.  

Mitch Anderson 
Co-founder and Product lead

Mitch has over 8 years experience in commercial and public sector web development and has a strong academic background in mobile computing and software development. He was recently employed as an App Specialist within the eHealth team at Queensland Health where his role involved developing mobility (enterprise) products from initial requirement analysis, through to design, implementation and support. Mitch is in the final stages of his dual Bachelor of Information Technology from Deakin University, Melbourne (Mobile & Apps Development and Software Development). Mitch is heavily R&D focused, constantly striving to harness new and emerging mobile technology. He has practical experience in both vendor product implementation (Prince2/Agile) and operational service (ITIL) environments.

Steve Davis 
Co-founder and Technical lead

Steve is an experienced software consultant, agile team lead, architect and software specialist leveraging two decades of knowledge across commercial and public sector projects. Steve is a Certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agilist with experience in distributed agile methodologies and agile transformation.

Steve has experience leading enterprise implementations of custom and commercial information systems and delivering solutions that improve revenue, margins and workplace productivity.

If you would like to find out more about nutritioncloud please get in touch.