At nutritioncloud our mission is to help ensure all patients receive exceptional nutritional care across all healthcare settings and assist experts, such as dietitians and healthcare professionals, enhance how it is delivered.

We believe all patients should have access to exceptional nutritional care and be supported and empowered to implement the nutrition strategies they are provided by experts.

nutritioncloud is designed to enable truly integrated nutritional care across healthcare settings, from hospital to home. A patient’s nutrition information is securely stored and made accessible to all healthcare professionals involved in their nutrition care. Most importantly this information is available to the patient, their family and their support network, essentially creating their very own digital nutrition support team.

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nutritioncloud puts the patient at the centre of their nutritional care and helps them create their very own digital nutrition support team.

Delivery and Coordination

Rapid communication between all individuals involved in a patient’s nutritional care.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Access up-to-date patient nutrition care plans, nutrition history, assessment tools and electronic nutrition education resources.

Enhance Patient Experience

Support and empower patients in the management of their own nutritional care and encourage the involvement of their wider support network.

Cost Effective

Prevent unsafe and costly breaks in nutritional care and reduce the time taken to coordinate strategies with relevant individuals (e.g. Community Dietitian, GP, family, carer).

Simple Setup

nutritioncloud requires no server or software installation. Simply download the app and register for a profile.

Mobile Access

Patients, healthcare professionals, family members and carers can access nutritioncloud anytime, anywhere on any device.

24/7 Data Security

Data security is our priority. All information is held, managed and stored on the most secure cloud-based domestic servers.

Online Training & Support

We offer online training and support to assist you in receiving the full benefits of using the platform.

nutritioncloud is co-designed with the user in mind and informed by patients, international nutrition experts and data security professionals.

Made for Patients

Patients see lots of healthcare professionals and receive large amounts of information however, at a time when they are at their most unwell, expert nutrition advice provided can easily be forgotten.

At nutrition cloud we are passionate about the impact of good nutrition on patient outcomes and have worked tirelessly to create a platform that puts the patient at the centre of their nutritional care.

Made for Dietitians

nutrition cloud allows busy dietitians to quickly and easily upload nutrition care plans to the cloud, access any electronic education resources they need and set alerts and reminders for their patients.

nutrition cloud allows healthcare systems to leverage the clinical nutrition expertise it employs by saving time and making every patient contact count to ensure better patient experiences and outcomes.

If you would like to find out more about nutritioncloud please get in touch.

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